BDC is a design and ideas-driven practice based in Chicago and serves clients nationwide. The group provides an experiential and seamless approach by integrating interior design, architectural services and construction to create comfortable and thought-provoking environments for residential and commercial spaces alike.

As professionals with over 15 years in the industry, we understand the value of working with others to reveal opportunities and we optimise design outcomes.

We possess the expertise to provide design that is intelligent, unexpected, fit for purpose as well as fresh and life-enhancing.

We believe in great architectural ideas, efficient construction, sustainable project delivery and value for service. Whether you are seeking a full service from concept to completion solution, architectural services to get your project through council, contract administration services of another builder or simply some professional advice on a property you are considering to purchase, you will benefit from our unique expertise.

Bespoke Design and Construction perform both design and construction services under one roof. These services includes Architectural Services, Construction, Interior Design, Shop Drawings and Project Management.

To receive more information or to speak with us, please contact us directly.