The BDC Design-Build Model

The Design-Build model is one of the most cost-effective and time efficient methods of project delivery a Property Owner can choose.

Design-Build is described as an integrated delivery method that gives full accountability for architecture, engineering, construction and interior design to one company. The Design-Build process that is provided by BDC is completely interactive, offering the Owner as much information as required. Bespoke Design and Construction partners with the Owner from inception through occupancy to deliver the highest level of satisfaction with the best product upon completion.

Design-Build model allows the Owner to "single source" the complete BUDGET-PLAN-DESIGN-BUILD method by streamlining what once was a labor intensive coordination effort to more effectively assure the favourable outcome.

The Design-Build Contracting process begins with the Owner and BDC establishing a program for the project. The Program and all its component parts are assigned values and are directly compared against the Owner’s budget requirements. Once the Owner confirms the DESIGN vs. conceptual budget expectations, a final BUDGET and PLAN are developed.

Once the budget and design scope are confirmed, a detailed schedule is prepared to determine the conformance with the Owner’s needs. During this design development phase, the details are compared to the budget for adherence at all times. Once the parties are in agreement the construction documents are completed and work is ready to begin.

All aspects of the BUILD process are handled by BDC, such as:

  1. Securing competitive bids from pre-qualified trades in each category while confirming budget and adherence to schedule.
  2. Initiating a detailed scope and price comparisons to confirm the best overall value and managing contracts for all sub-trades.
  3. Managing the building process, holding regular meetings with the Owner and having competent supervisory personnel assuring coordination of all activities and materials.
  4. Managing the cost and schedule effectively and in compliance to agreed budget.
  5. Preparing all necessary pay applications and approvals required to protect both the Owner and the Design-Build firm and to satisfy the lender throughout the project.
  6. Maintaining the highest level of quality for conformance and immediately making corrections along the way as required.

Our Design-Build model provides a completed product through a seamless organized process that delivers the project on time, on budget, and as designed.

A successful project is based on a daily commitment to excel.

From the first day of demolition to the final walk-through, our intensive schedules provide a road map for not only the efficient sequencing of trade work on site but also the critical steps to ensure success along the way. We pride ourselves at having construction sites that have been lovingly compared to “surgical rooms” for their organisation and level of cleanliness. Each team member takes pride in the workspace and the utmost importance to delivery of a project that the client will love for years to come.

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