1.  Budget Summary and Costing

BDC pride ourself on submitting comprehensive budgets and cost summaries to afford our client the best information for their property selection. Our process is straightforward and methodical; from the first site visit, we compile all the details to fully develop a comprehensive costing summary. This consists of detailed field measurements, photographic documentation, assessment of current field conditions, familiarity with surrounding buildings. By planning for each aspect of the schedule; from how material deliveries will be received to the most efficient way to handle debris in a "green friendly" manner - which permits will be required to labor hours that will be required to complete each task. We shine at thinking through the details and planning for their execution.

2.  Schedule - Our Critical Path for Success

We gauge the success of a BDC construction project by a number of measurable factors. Our project Schedule has proven to be the most critical tool for a successful project, from the creation within the estimating phase, the various independent tasks are plotted in our management system. Those tasks become the building blocks of our scope analysis. Each component is allocated not only a time to complete but also connects to the items prior and after to encompass the entire project. The assigned resources are allocated to each item providing a logical plan for what needs to happen in the correct sequence. Our completed construction schedule is used daily to track progress and plan for the work ahead. It is updated as needed to capture actual field conditions to accurately forecast the project to completion.

3.  Pre-Construction

The Pre-Construction phase often determines the overall success of a completed project. We believe that by having a solid well thought out plan will make for an efficient and cost effective deliverable. BDC utilize current software and technology to effectively map out the correct plan of action for your project. The work is scheduled when all areas of the design and architecture have been accounted for. This preliminary groundwork positions us to control the schedule and maximize productivity, while minimizing the level of delays and inconveniences to deliver your project on time.

We consider a significant part of pre-construction to be the phase of preparing the site for construction by protecting your home and the surrounding areas before we begin. Furthermore, the team develop the best logistical plan to not only coordinate how to receive the various materials required for the project, but also identify an on-site safe staging area which will serve to hold the materials throughout the life of the project.

4.  Construction and Design

A successful project is based on a daily commitment to excel. From the first day of demolition to the final walk-through, our intensive schedules provide a road map for not only the efficient sequencing of trade work on site but also the critical steps to ensure success along the way. We pride ourselves at having construction sites that have been lovingly compared to "surgical rooms" for their organization and level of cleanliness. Each team member takes pride in the workspace with the utmost importance to deliver a project that the client will love for years to come.

5.  Delivery

There are no two projects that are alike, with then we understand that by creating an environment that fits the clients’s requirements. Communicating the design intent in the beginning stages and throughout the process allows for seamless transition. The most overwhelming part of a remodel is the actual physical transition of relocating your items into the new space. As part of our suite of services, we can assist with this phase of the process to make for a painless and systematic transition. This last component manages the actual move-in, organized placement of items, artwork placement and staging.

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