Bespoke Design and Construction recognize the importance of balancing environmental, social and economic criteria of business in the places that we work. We are unilaterally dedicated to integrating the principles of sustainable projects to leave a positive imprint on the places we design and build.

Being design focused - Bespoke Design and Construction is committed to the continuous improvement of environmental performance and solid processes of our ESD objectives and targets. In our day to day tasks we are fully committed to minimize waste, emissions and strive to consume resources in a socially responsible manner.

BDC complies with the statutory and regulatory requirements, codes of practice and guidelines relevant to the jurisdictions where our work is undertaken.

The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all members of the organization.

The BDC design process responds to the particular natural, cultural and economic circumstances and the specific opportunities and challenges presented by each unique project.

We are continually improving our collective skills and knowledge in sustainable design and innovation, applying this knowledge in a way that benefits our clients through better performing buildings, and spaces that have lasting value.

We build sustainability into our work and deliver solutions that emerge from the places they are located and the needs of the people they serve.

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